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Friday, 16 August 2013


How I began IF - 18 months ago!

My blood results, after 12 months on IF:
Finally got to see the doc yesterday (4/4/13), to get the results from my recent fasting blood test - taken on the day exactly 12 months since I began IFing, 27th Febrary. He'd been on holiday for a week, and then it took a couple of days to get an appointment. 

BP 127/79 - which he described as 'perfect'
Cholesterol: HDL 1.7, LDL 3.1
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.9

The doc said these results were as good as he’d ever seen. I’m guessing he meant for a 75 year old male.

On the subject of my low heart rate - 45 a couple of weeks ago, 48-49 yesterday, the doc was quite relaxed. No need to worry.

My 10 year prognosis is that I have a 21.9% chance of getting a heart attack or a stroke. Given that someone of my age is automatically given 20%, I’m quite happy with that.

Whether these results can be put down to IF, I can't be certain. One thing is for sure, though, I shall carry on with this regime with renewed gusto!


  1. Good for you :) Intermittent fasting seems like a really interesting approach, I found the documentary via your blog some time ago. I should really give it a proper go - I did start to do it but feebled out within the first fortnight!

  2. Thanks, PV

    I'd urge anyone with an interest in the benefits of IF to peruse the main threads on IF and 5:2 on Mumsnet. Here's the current one, number 25:

    All the info needed to get started is in the OP - and all the encouragement you need to keep going is to be found in the current conversation.

    Best regards, Paul